05-09-11 11:45 AM
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    Abovetopsecret? LOL...yeah, uh...

    Conspiracy theorists are the best entertainment.

    Obama's our pres. He's provided more than enough proof of his citizenship...shouldn't have been put in that position except for republicans to try and beat this issue to death.

    Trump is a loser. He's gone bankrupt twice. When he falls, he takes others with him because he has no money, its investor money on his questionable real estate deals.

    I'll tell you what...if Trump can come up with reasonable solutions to issues, bring down gas prices, i'll vote for him...if he's just going to try and win the nomination by brow beating Obama, then who in their right mind would vote for him?

    Love his Trump Network from Ideal Health. A multimillion dollar multi-level marketing company, that if it follows the way of 99.9% of other MLM's will be gone in a year or two, with the guy at top (Trump) making all the money...Yep, a real American hero he is...

    Please! Please! Don't tell me about amway and other MLM's that succeed...that's nothing compared to the millions LOST by Americans scammed by others...
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    05-09-11 11:45 AM
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