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    I am a strong BB10 fan and am not really pleased with BlackBerry going android. I recently installed Google Play Store on my Z3 thanks to Colbalt. This got me thinking, with a number of Android forks and also the Chinese market where they have issues with Google services is it not time for Google to make their Play Store cross platform? Google doesn't make my money from Android but from the Play Store and it's Google apps. Making the Play Store cross platform will increase the number of devices available to them. It will also solve the app gap for BB10.

    BlackBerry BB10 forever
    05-07-16 05:22 AM
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    I guess it's a way to manage, I you can use that word, the contracts with manufacturers? It may give them leverage when negotiating support when a deal for a new phone is made. "You want the playstore? Sign here and here and here, because if not your device is not going to sell as it should, no apps, no fun, no money." It's just an idea, and I'm probably wrong, but that way, aside the money they get from de manufacturer, they have a say in which phones are going to be developed, and most importantly, they can make sure the apps on the playstore are as compatible as they can be with the devices it is installed on.

    Again, I'm not an expert and this is just a theory.

    Posted via OG Passport
    05-07-16 06:32 PM

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