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    Having had my Curve for a month I can honestly say the best part of being a bb owner is this forum. It's an interesting and informative place to come to and I find myself here a lot looking for answers and just basking in the friendliness of the other users. However, as a mac owner and a previous palm user for many years, I'm REALLY disappointed at Rim's lack of support for the mac. I searched the forum for the most popular syncing software. Great choice of two! and because there was no definitive answer I went for the free one (well who wouldn't?) Pocketmac. What a pos! The mac users here will tell you that OSX is brilliant, and it is compared to WINDOWS. So you get used to stable, well written programs that just work! I was also fortunate that when I left that virus ridden environment, I was able to take my PALM with me to the mac, and again, it just worked. The reason I left Palm was their failure to keep up with the times and development in the world of mobile communication. Something the blackberry does so well! They also released more WINDOWS based phones than PALM. So before succumbing to the IPHONE, I took a look at the BB and was impressed by it's huge community support, the fact that it wasn't windows based and that it was similar to my Treo, only better!
    But get this. My Treo just plugged in to my computer and that was it! absolutely no problems at all. Apps, photos, music, calendar a breeze.
    Maybe its my fault for not doing enough research, I just assumed that not every BB owner had WINDOWS and that some of you used the much better (but less supported by everybody) OSX.
    Apparently not.
    I'm not sure how longer I can put up with the grief every time I want to sync. Only done it twice since I got it, hated both times.
    I'm going to try missing sync before I give up and put the sim card back into the Treo and make a paperweight of the Curve
    Would like to hear anyones opinion on the missing sync if you've got it or compared it the rubbish that is pocketmac.
    Oh and here's a thought, Why when Rim are so proud of their product, would they have anything to do with something so terrible, they actually give it away free?!
    03-26-08 05:57 AM
  2. mzshey2x's Avatar
    mmmm.. i guess BB just isn't for you..

    here's a few thoughts -

    we have a forum just for MAC users (of which, i am one myself) & it's basically the same thing process that your beloved Treo does - plug & chug.

    im a MAC user myself & i've had my own problems syncing.. as does the windows users. CB is very user friendly.. ask some questions before giving up.
    03-26-08 08:27 AM
  3. King21's Avatar
    I agree, check out the Mac users forum before you get rid of it.

    As far as the Treo syncing better than the BB...it should, they haven't changed anything about it for about 12 years so they've had quite a while to get something about their crappy software right.

    If you're someone who like the reliability of a mac as well as it's innovation, I'd think the Treo would disgust you, and if the Curve isn't right for you, you might try the iPhone. Eeessh, can't believe I just said that, but everyone has their own needs. Good luck, hope a mac user can help you out, and the Curve keeps the your Sim card!
    03-26-08 09:15 AM
  4. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Dont give up!!!! Follow Shey and Kings advise!
    03-26-08 09:45 AM
  5. VZWBBnewb's Avatar
    I'm also a Mac user and while we are at a definite disadvantage of not being able to use a DTM, I have been able to find ways to get my calendar to sync through Google Calendar, which works wonderfully.

    I'm hoping the rumor of RIM's development of a DTM for Mac comes to fruition soon as well.
    03-26-08 10:55 AM
  6. King21's Avatar
    I don't see RIM completely ignoring Mac users for much longer as they have been producing devices for the regular consumer more than just the business man for a while now. RIM is too smart to ignore a large part of users requests for better sync software. It's probably taken longer to release good sync software for 2 reasons...1, mac could drag their feet in approval so that more BB subscribers switch to their iPhone, and 2 BB won't launch it until it works near perfectly. Just my $.02
    03-26-08 11:11 AM
  7. Yellowhat's Avatar
    Now it's that kind of attitude that keeps the faith. Thanks for your words of encouragement. As for the rumour about Rim producing their own take on the mac flavour, I'm not holding my breath.
    I'm sorry for the earlier rant and i hope I haven't offended any of my new friends in the BB family. I will stick with it for a bit longer.
    Incidently, I just came back from the US and the amount of folks using the BB made me smile. Recognising the alert and ring tones in the stores etc.
    I'm still waiting for someone to talk to me about missing sync before I spend pound notes on it!
    I'll check out the mac part of the forum tonight.
    03-26-08 11:31 AM
  8. mzshey2x's Avatar
    Good luck & glad to see you're still on Team BB!
    03-26-08 11:46 AM
  9. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Good luck & glad to see you're still on Team BB!
    Team BB - I like it. lol
    03-26-08 11:50 AM
  10. mzshey2x's Avatar
    We should make shirts! LOL
    03-26-08 11:57 AM
  11. chaz_cb's Avatar
    We should make shirts! LOL
    For shirts, how about "TEAM CB"?
    03-26-08 11:58 AM
  12. mzshey2x's Avatar
    I like it! We should make em, take pics of ourselves in em, & post em!

    03-26-08 12:01 PM
  13. JOEY NEAT's Avatar
    I am both new to Blackberry and Mac! Within the last 30 days I bought a Mac Book and a BB Curve 8310. I purchased Missing Synch and it works great! Synchs up everytime, only problem I am having is I can't get it to synch via Bluetooth, have not had time to figure out why, but plugged in it works great. The other issue is I can't access my data card thru Missing Synch, at least I don't know how. All in all though I would recommend it the basic features work great! Good luck!
    03-26-08 01:16 PM
  14. Yellowhat's Avatar
    Thanks Joey. Now we're getting somewhere. Thats sounds very positive! as for the T shirts..hmm the jury is still out for me.
    03-26-08 07:43 PM
  15. 613JDM's Avatar
    I also have just switched over from palm to BB not too long ago and find this site very helpful and full of friendly BB users. As far as the issues your are experiencing, have you ever considered dual booting so that you can have both OSX and Windows . Another option would be to run a virtual server thus allowing you to run both OS without having to partition your HDD. If you do consider these options try Innotek vitual box, i ran that program a while back when i was having issues with Vista and DM. I had to load XP into the virtualbox and everything worked great.
    03-26-08 07:57 PM