04-06-09 09:21 AM
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    Broncos stupidity? Chiefs got Cassel and Vrabel for 1 2nd round pick. Bears had to use 2 1st rounds and a 3rd for Cutler. I'm not gonna pretend that the 2 QBs are equal, but 2 1st rounds?!?! I say the Broncos made a great deal.

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    Yea i wouldn't call it stupidity jay cutler is a baby, if you cant work with him, get rid of him. The bears however got a great deal, the got a pro bowl Future hall of fame quarterback From the broncos, for a couple picks and a horrible qb. The bears arent gonna miss out on much. The Patriots only gave the chiefs that good of a deal cause look at who the chiefs got, Cassle (there second string quarterback who most likely would have never even stepped on the field after preseason.) Mike Vrabel is 35 years old, he has possible one good season left. The Pats ( as much as i hate them) have had great luck( well let me give them some credit, not luck they make good picks
    -Brady was selected with pick #199, a compensatory pick,
    -Patriots had drafted Cassel in the seventh round, with the 230th overall pick

    They will pick someone who is well worth a man who would have never step on the field again, and another guy will retire next year.
    Like wise the bears will be much better without ortin.
    Orton threw eight touchdowns, and eight interceptions while averaging a quarterback rating of 66.9, including ratings of 39.1 against Minnesota, 49.2 against New Orleans, and 48.7 against Green Bay.

    cutler= Yards 4,526, completions 384 Attempts 616 ,,, 62.3%,
    TD 25 INT18 QBRATING 86.0
    04-05-09 09:20 PM
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    Exactly! Orton was benched for a QB Denver dumped because he svcked. But trust me, everyone involved was a baby, and everyone here in Colo who knows anything about football is in a state of shock at the stupidity of the organization. BTW, Jay's QB rating would have been ten points higher if not for a few games the defense blew so bad the kid tried to make up for it all by himself and made the inevitable mistakes.

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    04-05-09 11:05 PM
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    Orton threw eight touchdowns, and eight interceptions while averaging a quarterback rating of 66.9
    Cutler had a better year last year, not arguing that point, and a better career to date than Orton. But Orton had a great year last year. And your numbers on him are way off. Yahoo Sports

    79.6 was his QB rating, with 18 TDs and 12 INT. and you left out the other Min game where his QB rating was 114.5

    Not an Orton fan, just hate half-truths more than Broncos and Bears combined.
    04-06-09 09:21 AM
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