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    Hi, I’m Tony. I am 34 years old and I have ADHD. I use a BlackBerry and a laptop to manage my shortfalls in cognitive function. That means I use gadgets as my brain. I found that there is almost no information on using gadgets to help with the many symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and that most people are unaware that such technology exists. So I am going to fill this gap.

    ADD, Technology, and Me, or ATM, will be a fifteen minute show broadcast every two weeks detailing how to use today’s tech to manage areas of ADD/ADHD individuals lives. Product reviews and how-to segments will highlight useful gadgets and software, while interviews and guest hosts will bring fresh views on technology.

    Since the show will lean heavily towards blackberry smart-phones and apps I thought an announcement here might interest a few people.

    You can find the show at TalkShoe Community Call. If anyone here would like to collaborate or appear on the show to discuss different gadgets or software drop me a line.
    12-14-09 10:52 AM
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    This is just what I have been looking for. I'm a wife, mom, full-time employee and I just started college (full-time). I purchased a BB, hoping it would help me with my long-term ADHD and in a lot of ways, it has but in some ways (like being up every night playing on it) it has not. I will be checking this out asap and any information that you have would be great!

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    02-28-10 01:24 AM
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    Sounds interesting. Best of luck!
    02-28-10 07:10 AM
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    It can have some benefits, as some people have found. Here's a link to the site for others.

    Edited since the link was changed. Good luck with your efforts.
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    02-28-10 07:31 AM
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    Sorry all, I have moved the podcast to Talkshoe. TalkShoe Community Call catch it here.
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    I fixed you link and updated the first post for you. G'luck with the podcast.
    02-28-10 09:16 PM
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    Thanks for the assist pkcable, I hope to get my post count up so I can do that myself.
    02-28-10 09:19 PM
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    I found out I had ADHD last year. The BB help made a today them with just my calender help a lot.

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    05-08-10 01:07 AM
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    Newly diagnosed ADD without the H. At age 57!

    I'm looking for an automatically-starting app, or a theme, that puts tasks and calendar, in that order, IN MY FACE, ALL THE TIME, by default. I'd be happy to collaborate with someone to create such a theme, and I'm all ears if one already exists. I want to have to select other things to get OUT of that view, not to get into it.
    05-19-10 05:54 PM
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    Start collecting some of the free today themes, a really helpful app would be got-2: Task Management from gwhizmobile. Imagine having your berry sound an alert to pick up the mail as you drive by the post office.

    Tungle - Scheduling/Collaboration would be very helpful if you have to make a lot of business appts. Especially if you have a secretary. It syncs from the web to your berry, and anyone you give access to it can see your calendar and propose appt times for you to confirm.

    Look for themes that have hidden docks, not themes that have hidden today features. they help me quite a bit.

    MyCart! shopping list app is a good choice if you need lists for shopping trips, it has a calculator built in so you don't go over budget.

    JabpLite is a great free personal finance checkbook like register for your account balances.

    OnMyWay is great if you keep forgetting to let people know your running late, it does it for you.

    Pageonce personal assistant is great for keeping track of your bills balances and due date.

    Zonelock if you keep forgetting to lock your berry.

    AutoWifi will help turn on and off wifi automagically, I forgot to do that every day till I got this.

    If you have any specific needs just let me know, I spend time every day looking for these kinds of apps and testing them out, I usually only get to try the free versions or trials. Hopefully when i get my podcast going full steam I can get more eval versions. Testing these out can be expensive without trials.
    05-19-10 08:06 PM
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    One app I've found that comes very close is PocketDay. I've been able to configure its layout and appearance in the order I want, and there are two other features I've discovered that are great: 1. There's an option to place PocketDay on every menu, so you can jump to it from anywhere. 2. There's an option in PocketDay to automatically start itself after 1 minute of inactivity on the device. So if I light the phone up by touching the screen (and not using the four buttons at the bottom), it's already there.

    I'll look into that other stuff.

    Next, I could use an automatic synching process via Bluetooth, triggered by proximity alone.
    05-22-10 10:10 AM
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    Try these instructions out. Dont forget to add the www blackberry.com/btsc/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=KB04 132&sliceId=SAL_Public&dialogID=21144030&stateId=1 %200%2021138479

    Could one of the admins check my account? I cant post links and i think i have over ten posts, could be wrong, but my post count is zero.
    05-22-10 09:27 PM
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    Your post count will be zero if you mainly post in off topic. It doesn't add to your post count.

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    05-23-10 10:18 AM
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    Aha, well that's explains much. Thanks for the info!

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    05-23-10 10:26 AM