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    NEW Sci-Fi eBook for KOBO on Playbook-deaths-door-final.jpg


    My Sci-Fi Novel Deaths Door: Where Right and Glory Lead is now available for sale as an eBook on KOBO, Canadas largest online eBook retailer.

    You can purchase it directly from KOBO and read it on your KOBO eReader or through the FREE KOBO eReader app on your Blackberry Playbook (or PC, Apple, Android or Windows tablets).

    Deaths Door: Where Right and Glory Lead is a SciFi novel about the men and women of the Terrain Armed Forces (TAF) and their struggle to survive in a war that threatens to rip apart the New Confederation.

    Pirates are not supposed to be this well-armed or organized with a fleet armed and poised to invade and destroy the core worlds. The TAF will have to pull out all their best assets to delete this enemy.

    Death's Door By: William DeSouza - eBook - Kobo

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    01-16-13 06:13 PM

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