1. agp423's Avatar
    I just recently filled up my 80GB iPod classic. Normally, I'd just buy the new iPod Classic with the 160GB hard drive; but I'm always reluctant to buy new Apple products because I know Apple will make an updated model within the next year. Are there any rumors of a new version of the iPod Classic coming out soon? How long should I wait before I purchase a new iPod?
    04-28-11 04:25 PM
  2. lcambriz's Avatar
    Last month, Steve Jobs confirmed that Apple was not planning on discontinuing the iPod Classic line, even though the Classic was the only iPod to not get a "makeover." However, Toshiba has released new hard drives in the form factor used by the Classic, going up to 220GB. My guess would be that they'll just keep increasing the capacity of the Classic without really revamping its design. There would be no point in calling it the "Classic" if they changed it, anyways.

    In my opinion, 160GB is way more than enough if you just use it for music. I have the first generation 160GB Classic, and at 6026 songs, 3 seasons of Californication, 1 season of Modern Family, and all 9 Seasons of Seinfeld, I sit at 70.5GB still available.
    04-28-11 07:38 PM
  3. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    There's always going to be something bigger and better out there. I wouldn't wait for new stuff that hasn't even been announced. You could be waiting for a long time.
    04-28-11 09:49 PM
  4. mustangv8's Avatar
    Wow, you have a ton more media than me. Buy what makes you happy now and if you later like a newer one, sell your classic on craigslist or another local ad oin your city.

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    04-29-11 01:35 AM