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    Here she is, the New iPhone 3G with its magnificent appearance and powerful features.
    Now, letís take a look at this New iPhone 3G guide which include the price, the network, the online App Store, the iPhone in-car Navigation GPS and how to convert any music/video to iPhone 3G

    The price:

    $200 for the 8-gigabyte model, $300 for the 16-gig. Those are terrific prices for a machine with so much sophistication, utility and power; a year ago, an 8-gig iPhone would have cost you $600," says the Times. "But the new iPhone 3G is not really, as Apple's Web site puts it, 'half the price.' The basic AT&T plan Ė unlimited Internet and 450 minutes of calling Ė now costs $70 a month instead of $60 (plus taxes and fees), and comes with no text messages instead of 200. (Adding text messaging costs at least $5 a month more.)"

    The network:

    "This new iPhone is much, much faster at fetching data over cellphone networks because it uses a speedy cellular technology called 3G," says the Journal. "The iPhone 3G is hardly the first phone to run on 3G networks, and it still costs more than some of its competitors. But overall, I found it to be a more capable version of an already excellent device."

    The online App Store:

    There are a total of 552 different apps in iPhone App store right now.
    Apple didn't allow reviewers to test out its new online marketplace of third-party software. But Apple promises that "hundreds [of applications] will be available when the store opens Friday, with thousands to follow," says the Times. "You browse, download, and install new programs directly on the new iPhone 3G; they don't have to be transferred from a computer, and you don't have to hack the phone to use them. Most of the programs will be free or cheap."

    The iPhone in-car Navigation GPS:

    Though it's not among the 522 awesome apps launching today, TeleNav will soon fill a pretty big hole by providing a turn-by-turn in-car GPS navigator app for the new iPhone 3G, as we speculated. TeleNav confirmed to us today that its app will include full-color 3D moving maps and the turn-by-turn voice guidance and traffic-aware routing the iPhone
    Maps program itself is missing. TeleNav already makes decent GPS nav software for Sprint and AT&T phones, way better than Verizon's VZ Navigator. No word on price, but the good news is, it'd have to be available through the App Store, not as a subscription thing from AT&T.

    The media player:

    Use the iTunes or other services like Napster, Yahoo Music, etc to download music and videos to play them on your new iPhone 3G, the video and audio quality are more excellent compare with the former generation.

    Just do a google search to find Daniusoft Media Converter which can help you convert any audio and video formats to your new iPhone 3G.

    The final verdict:
    NYTimes: "The iPhone 3G is a nice upgrade. It more than keeps pace with advancing technology, and new buyers will generally be delighted."

    USA Today: "While not everything on my wish list made it onto the new device, Apple has raised the bar with iPhone 3G. To which I offer an enthusiastic thumbs up."
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