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    Grand Premiere - a golden continuation of Avantgarde Collection.

    Gresso Company, the manufacturer of luxury mobile devices, continues the legendary Avantgarde Collection and presents an exclusive Grand Premiere mobile phone. The leading model is designed for the most sophisticated and well-off persons, who truly appreciate and value the luxury.

    Gold, the symbol of wealth and prosperity, is the central element in the exterior design of the Grand Premiere mobile phone. Affluence in details, made of the noble metal, add the phone more of a solid weight, which also highlights the elite and polished look of the device. The total weight of 18 carat gold in the Grand Premiere phone is estimated as 150 grams (5,3 ounce).

    The Grand Premiere solid frame is sufficiently executed in gold. Gorgeous combination of yellow gold and black surface sapphire screen adds the phone a luxurious color touch. Highly resistant sapphire parts, with total weight of 138,5 carat, cover the front and the back panels. The phone is incredibly thin among its class, only 12 mm.

    The gold navigation and functional keys of the Grand Premiere model are created by precision cutting technology. Delicate cutting is traditionally used in the jewelery and allows to reach high accurate performance and flawless form in every detail. The numbers and letters on keys are applied by laser.
    Highlighting designer accent is the gold inset triangle-shaped piece and the Gresso logo, which completes the classy look of the phone.

    The Grand Premiere mobile phone provides unique mixture of impeccable design, high engineering hinge and hand work. Solid, high performance materials and teeming details make this device literally a true treasure.

    The Avantgarde Grand Premiere is a limited collection. Each of 30 masterpieces has the engraved personal number on the back panel. The Gresso Avantgarde Grand Premiere mobile phone will be available in December 2011.

    The estimated price is $50 000.
    Size: 121*46*12 mm
    Weight: 190 gram
    Platform: Symbian S40

    Enjoy DelftEo
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    I could find better things to waste $50000 on.
    12-23-11 01:30 AM
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    Why not buy a new mercedes or BMW. This is pure shi*. Like I use a phone for work, not for having gold on it.
    12-23-11 01:35 AM
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    $50,000.00 for a phone with an OS that can't even do simple multitasking... SMDH
    I guess it's true that some people have more money than brains
    12-23-11 01:42 AM
  5. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Sweet! Multi-tap, priceless
    12-23-11 11:34 AM
  6. delfteo's Avatar
    buy 2 tomorrow.
    12-24-11 10:28 AM