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    I guess there is a group of us out there who is hoping for a BlackBerry phone running on Android.

    As we all know that most people do not read the latest news coming out from BlackBerry & they wouldn't even be bothered with it anyway. So to them the BlackBerry still the old phones that is plagued by the spinning time sand & continuous battery pulls with yesteryear hardware Spec's.

    BlackBerry is also the phone that everybody smirk at & nobody wants to buy. Unfortunately this is also the impression that majority of the phone vendors & network providers still hold on to steadfastly.

    So I believe that even if BlackBerry were to come out with a phone running Android, the vendors will still not sell a BlackBerry phone to the end user & continue to tell them that this phone is useless, out of date, nobody wants them & has no apps. This will ultimately mean that they still have a huge perceived app gap even though it is running on Android.

    No ordinary man on the street is going to go do research & find this out first before buying a phone. They will just go to the shop & pick up what is trendiest & recommended by the sales staff as long as it is within their budget.

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    06-27-15 04:32 AM
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    Yeah the most logical option they have is to not call it a BlackBerry altogether.
    RIM was the company, BlackBerry was just a device; one of many divisions they had.
    Now BlackBerry can be the company and call the devices a new non-associated name, like Palinada, Banister or Quarnito ... just whatever

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    06-27-15 08:43 AM

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