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    I am a journalist looking for readership (IE Page Views) hope you don't mind but I write about live music. It's really good stuff, take a moment and check out my articles (be sure to click on each one):


    It would help me out so much!!! Thanks!!
    09-29-11 07:29 PM
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    Decent reviews, nice writing. My head kinda exploded tho when I read "The piano instantly took the listener in and moved with the grove of the bass." I've never known the bass to be a grove instrument, always thinking instead that it was more of a herd instrument.

    I'll add a link for those who don't feel up to decoding yours...

    09-30-11 06:59 AM
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    lol thanks. I'm not a perfect writer yet still working on my craft here. Crackberry wouldn't let me post up a link yet.. :P so thanks again I really appreciate it! Trying to get all of the errors out of my writing
    09-30-11 11:02 AM