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    Hello there,

    I would like to ask for a little bit of help that would make an incredible difference to my life. If you are looking for a great way to do some Christmas charity, sending my PIN via BBM to a local BB game will be just the right amount of effort for amazing results.

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    There is a game for Hungarian BB owners where I could win a fluffy keyboarded 9900, which I would really appreciate because I type soooo much on my BB, cover conferences and stuff like that, create fun content for teachers. If you love BlackBerry and you want to do something good for free, just BBM my PIN to this QR (the game does not automatically add you as partner):

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    My BB PIN is 26B zero AFFA, only write this in your message and they will disappear after you have voted. You can also add me on BBM so I can thank you for your help

    Please send your love and support, I will be really grateful for your help!

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