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    I feel like I'm about to become the victim of a chargeback fraud and need some help deciding on what course of action I should take. My situation is as follows

    About a week ago I sold a Cell phone to another user on an online forum(howardsforums). Just to provide some background, I'm an honest seller with feedback on many different forums and I've sold cell phones many times before. The buyer, on the otherhand, has no feedback that I can find. Continuing on, I sold the phone and the buyer paid me via paypal. I received the payment and shipped the phone out the next day. Out of habit, I immediately sent the funds from my paypal into my bank account.

    A few days later I get a message from the buyer saying he is unhappy with the phone because it did not come with the original charger. I never stated that it did come with the original charger, and from the pictures I provided it was very clear that the charger was not the one that originally came with the phone. A few hours later I get another message from the buyer saying that there is a scratch on the screen of the phone. I know that this is almost impossible because I have always had a screen protector on the phone. I tell the buyer that maybe the scratch is only on the protector( which is highly likely) and that he should take it off to inspect the phone further. He refuses to do so claiming that if he took the screen protector off, then I would accuse him of damaging the phone. I asked him to take a picture of the damage but he claims he is unable to do so.

    At this point the buyer ask for a refund and claims that if he doesn't get a refund. He is going to issue a chargeback with his credit card. I tell him that a refund is fine with me, but now he has asked me to refund him before he ships the phone back to me! I told him that this is something I absolutely cannot do. I feel incredible uncomfortable sending all the money back to this guy, who already seems a little shady to me, and let him have both the phone and the money. I guess my main question is this.

    If the buyer decided to file a chargeback is there anything I can do to protect myself? If I closed down my paypal account and transferred the funds out of my bank account could I still get my money taken away from me?
    07-17-10 12:16 AM
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    Seems like he is trying to scam you. I would contact paypal. Explain to them what is going on. I would not refund him the money until you get your phone back. Good luck.

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    07-17-10 01:58 AM
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    You could also contact his credit card company.

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    07-17-10 06:11 AM