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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a partner to help me with my site.
    Someone trustworthy and an established member of these forums.
    Free BlackBerry Stuff 'FreeBerry'

    It's a BB Blog designed to help users of all BlackBerry Devices, it's also accessible through Mobile phones in mobile view, it automatically recognizes your phone and configures itself to fit it for fast browsing.
    Basically anything and everything for BB users.
    I would like some help running it though and updating it as I am constricted with my time. I try to spend a lot of the time I do on my laptop on these forums here, helping users out with converting videos, making ringtones, etc.
    So help would be a appreciated.
    We'll be giving away 3 docking stations next week also, and 4 InvisibleSHIELD body covers in a few weeks. So we're really trying to help users out and are here to stay.
    Mods, if it's in anyway a violation of the rules I'll gladly remove the link and just have users access it through my signature. I only included the link in the post in case phone users read the thread (can't view signature though m.crackberry.com).
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