1. weaselnoze's Avatar
    When looking at my Calendar in 'Month' view, I should be able to double click on a certain day, the 'new appointment' window would pop up, and the 'start' and 'end' date would default to the particular date I double clicked on.

    Now when I double click a day (ex. April 10) to put in an appointment, the window pops up as normal to create the appointment, but the date is showing the current day (April 8).

    Why is this happening? I even did a system restore to an earlier date hoping it would revert the setting back to normal.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
    04-08-10 12:31 PM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    Depending on your version... in 07 Outlook on your Help menu is Office Diagnostics. This can run through and "repair" broken things in your Outlook. I think the earlier versions had a similar menu item.
    04-08-10 12:44 PM
  3. weaselnoze's Avatar
    tried the diagnostics tool. no bones
    04-08-10 01:06 PM
  4. trucky's Avatar
    I'd use the original Office install CD then... let it repair the installation. If that fails, remove and re-install Outlook. Make sure to backup your .pst files if you store those locally.
    04-08-10 02:14 PM