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    Yeah I know. I HAAATE being forced to buy electronics on a deadline but I have no choice, it's a semi urgent thing. So long story short, I need some help with advice on where the best place is to buy one in terms or store reliability and price. Live in Ontario Canada, a little east of Toronto.

    Is there any actual benefit to driving across the city to an Apple Store, or can I just grab one at any nearby Best Buy or Future Shop? It's going to be for a University Student. Any type of Macbook ok? Do I need a MacBook Pro?

    Thanks in Advance!
    04-30-12 11:27 AM
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    why dont you look on BestBuys website and see if they have any available for local pickup? then review the specs/price and see if it will fit your needs.

    personally, i think Mac laptops are overpriced compared to PC's but if you "need" one, check there.
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    04-30-12 03:32 PM