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    i am taking a class on mass media and i was wondering if someone could help me out if they are interested. i havent had the chance to talk to my parents and grandparents so i figures someone could help me here especially since its dealing with technology. i am 21 years old and here is the question that i have
    1. i need to interview someone from an older generation, such as someone my parents or grandparents age, to find out how the mass media has changed (and stayed the same) over their lifetimes. Ask them to look at both inventions and social changes. just tell me a little how it has changed over the years?
    07-06-08 07:56 PM
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    I'm not up for a long session, but a good starting point is that inventions have driven social change at a rate I don't think has ever been seen before. With the current internet age came a number of huge social changes.

    People are instantly connected now in a way that seems close, but really there's a wall or barrier between us. Many of us think we're making a personal connection online but we've lost some important aspects of in-person interaction. We can't see facial expression or hear tone of voice. We can't see or interpret body language.

    This loss of close personal contact serves to impersonalize friendships in the computer age. So while we may think we have many friendships, we actually don't really know each other at all. I think many of us are substituting pseudo friendships for the real thing. We may also be losing the ability to tell the difference.

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    07-07-08 07:28 PM