03-05-14 04:33 PM
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  1. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Done!!! Keep us posted!
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    01-23-14 06:34 AM
  2. felixweber's Avatar
    Please share your findings with us

    Preisente Preisvergleich -BBworld-> https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs...ode=DE&lang=de
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    01-23-14 06:44 AM
  3. gchaudhry84's Avatar
    The results are in!

    Thank you everyone who volunteered and filled out the survey. You can see the results by clicking the following link:
    Very interesting indeed.

    Thank you again.
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    03-03-14 04:22 PM
  4. eldricho's Avatar
    Interesting results indeed!
    Good luck once again

    Posted via CB10
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    03-03-14 04:37 PM
  5. dtan0914's Avatar
    I did a similar project while I was in school, although unfortunately my professor wouldn't let us use online surveys and we had to code every handwritten survey by hand - ouch! Also while in the title of this post you got it right, the branding is "BlackBerry" and not "Blackberry". As a business student it's really crucial to get those little nuances correct in the future because that little mistake is equivalent to spelling "iPhone" as "Iphone".
    03-05-14 04:33 PM
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