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    Ok gentlemen, what have you done lately to show your lady that you LOVE her?
    Today I got an email from my carrier stating that the 8130 Pearl was FREE when you buy it online with the 2 year contract. I looked at my wife whom was fussing at her Kyocrea E2000 she just got in October when I got my Pearl off eBay. I asked her did she still want a BlackBerry which she said yes anything to get rid of that junky Kyocrea.
    I let her read the email and she asked how could we do it.
    2he kicker I got a brand new Pearl that I had to spend 3 hours installing and deleting apps and other stuff on. This new pearl. My wife got my 2 month old pearl that I knew so well and I had to input her phone book by hand. I just backed up the old phone and did a restore to the new phone to get my ringtones, calander, and contacts organized right. But hers I had to enter by hand. The transfer machine was broke at the store.
    Now my wife is happy with a BB finally and I got a new one. Bad news the sales rep told me they expecting tha BOLD in April. Now I can't upgrade until Next November. Oh well maybe the price will be lowered by then.
    I do love my wife. ~luvitlo~

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    11-22-08 10:32 PM
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    Nothing like that but I did clean the house today as her relatives are coming to town this week.

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    11-22-08 10:34 PM
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    lol - nice gesture, but why not keep your Pearl and give the new phone to the wife so she can set up as she wants it? I'd certainly not want my husbands old phone, bu then again, I'm the tech savy one. :-)

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    11-22-08 10:40 PM
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    My wife is not what you would call tech friendly. And the main reason for me taking the new phone was it was my upgrade used, I have data already which you have to have to get the deal on new berries, but she didn't want internet or email on her phone.so to make it faster in the store and not risk her having to get data as well I took the stab. Trust me if I knew it would worked without the bill going up another 50 bucks a month I would have kept my old phone. I hate waiting on the reboot when you delete apps.and I had taken all the non used apps off my old phone to free up memory, I had to make this one match.
    Main thing is she is happy she just been wanting a better phone the Kyocrea would ring once hang up on the caller and she had to call everyone back. Our carrier had done several downloads and didn't want to warranty swap because other than that the phone worked fine.
    Now she has the best or atleast one of the best phones offered.

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