1. lorax1284's Avatar
    I'm just going to go ahead and type the cuss words and let CrackBerry filter it out.

    I ******* hate HATE iOS web browsers... specifically Safari.

    I'm on CrackBerry.com trying to type in the Post editor. Every ******* time you want to reposition the cursor something "terrible" happens and the ******* keyboard stops working and you have to click "preview post" to reset whatever has gone terribly wrong so the keyboard will work.

    Then it redraws the screen with the text entry box halfway down the screen and you have this circle of ******* ****: you have to touch the screen somewhere to scroll down (no arrow keys on the keyboard to move the screen without actually clicking on something) and then the text area has lost focus again so the keyboard doesn't work again.

    How the **** can this ******* piece of **** call itself a legitimate browser in 2013? God damn this piece of ****, it's so ******* maddening I seriously have to resist throwing that ******* stupid iPad across the room and smashing it on the wall, by my husband would kill me for denting his walls.

    GOD DAMN it's ******* maddening. Safari on iOS is to tablets in 2013 as Internet Explorer was to desktop computers in 2004: getting staler by the minute and Apple has ZERO incentive to up its game, so it seems.

    As I type this on a DECENT web browser (Firefox) on a pc with a REAL KEYBOARD, with great satisfaction, I am baffled that anyone could assert that Tablets will "replace" PCs.

    But you'd expect that a company with $175 BILLION in cash could pretty much accomplish anything they want... ANYTHING... they could ******* put a ******* moon base up there if they wanted, but they can't seem to bother investing in what should be their CORE COMPETENCY: A DECENT WEB BROWSER ON THEIR ******* FLAGSHIP MOBILE DEVICE OS.

    **** them straight to ****.
    03-23-13 10:26 AM
  2. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    yes yes...let the anger flow through you. (Love that line).

    I paid the bucks and switched everything to Apple (last year)... I had heard the horror stories of mixed integration so I thought **** it...and purchased everything.

    So...that lasted all of about three months...I got so ****ing mad I gave everything to the kids and bought gear that worked.

    So yes my friend...let the anger flow through you...then smash that closed garden piece of s***.
    03-23-13 08:23 PM

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