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    Ok, here is my story.

    I had a BB Curve 8320 for Tmo for two years. I thought it was a near perfect device for my needs. I never felt pissed off at it, or annoyed that I had to use it. In short, it just did what I needed it to do, and was the perfect communication device for me. The only thing that was annoying was the weekly (sometimes more) battery pull, but it's an electronic device with software, you have to expect some little things...

    So, being tech minded I realized that it had been a long time with that phone, I figured that the newest/fastest thing out there would do everything at LEAST as well as the 8320, right?

    So I bought a Mytouch 3g when they came out (my wife got one and I grabbed a second one on the order figuring "what the ****?")

    I promptly sold the BB 8320, and set up my shiny new android phone.
    I really should have known 5 minutes into it all when I couldn't get the "p" key pressed... EVER and I wanted to throw it at a wall that I had made a mistake, but I kept on, thinking that it had been two years, it must be light years ahead of the berry...

    I got the MyTouch all set up, and it was a nice phone. Android is an exceptionally well designed OS, and my wife uses that phone to this day.
    I felt something lacking.
    I kept going to the market looking for apps to download that would get me somewhere near the integration and communication capabilities of my Crackberry. It was a search in vain, I eventually got pissed everytime I got a message, and sort of stopped responding to people.

    Then the BB 9700 came out and I JUMPED on it. Got it back to the hotel I was staying at on business and felt like I was back home again... until I realized that the screen was a complete piece of trash that I couldn't view at any angle... So I returned it and asked for another. The T-Mobile rep at the store said "They all do that" and I stood there in shock.

    I replied "Then I don't want it." and proceeded to buy a Motorola Cliq.

    The cliq is an excellent phone. Built well and the hardware keyboard is the nicest I have ever used. The screen is amazing, and once you get it rooted, you can even load up Android 2.1 on it and play with about 75-80% functionality. Blur sucks, but it can be mostly turned off in the stock ROM, and isn't there in the 2.1 Alpha after root at all.

    I loved the Cliq, but it STILL didn't have the integration and functionality of the Blackberry.
    I found myself happier than having the touchscreen, but still back on the market daily looking for apps to get me home.

    With nothing on the horizon for Tmo as far as BB that I liked the looks of, I decided to grab a nice new phone and give another OS a shot.

    In comes the HTC HD2.
    I figured the snapdragon and the 4.3" screen would more than make up for the lack of physical keyboard.
    After COUNTLESS ROM's, and tweaks I have to say that it is a POWERHOUSE and capable phone with an OS that has tremendous depth and value... Someone somewhere just dropped the ball at Microsoft, or HTC or both.
    Windows mobile 6.5.x is capable of so much, yet they have bogged it down and screwed it up to the point that enthusiasts and tweakers are right at home with it, and the rest of the world (my wife) thinks "The screen is pretty, but where the **** do I find anything"

    So, I decided to say screw it, I will see if the BB 9700 has any reported screen issues, or perhaps I just took the word of the Tmo sales guy way too fast. Turns out I couldn't find a SINGLE report of faulty screens in the 9700...

    So I went onto Craigslist and began a search for one.

    After a week looking and a VERY sweet deal on a mint condition Bold 9700.....

    FINALLY, I have come back HOME.

    The screen is perfect...
    The phone does exactly what I need/want without a trip to the damn market!

    I have no hate for the other devices but after many months trying out every single other OS there is (besides Apple, I have no desire to touch one) I can say that the others are nice for apps with fart noises and light sabres, but I love the fact that my Crackberry is a full-function communications device, out of the box with no modifications.

    RIM is in a class by itself.

    Oh, and I am not sure if I can handle not charging my phone every few hours. I forgot that batteries could last this long.

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    Thanks for your insight. And welcome back! The 9700 is an awesome device!

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    07-04-10 12:46 AM
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    My wife couldn't care less about my phone. lol
    She is happy with the MyTouch, and she MAY use the HD2 once the folks working on it get a functional Android port up and running
    07-04-10 10:14 AM
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    9700 is the best phone I have ever used, without question...had a mytouch, cliq as well and messed around a lot on an N1...and most people have had ample time on an iPhone...nothing compares to my 9700 IMO.

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    07-04-10 10:31 AM
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    I went to a Moto DROID for about 3 months. Android is definitely more "fun" but in the end BlackBerry has more of what I want. Android OS seems to just bog down most phones. I know the DROID didn't have the 1ghz processor so maybe I just picked the wrong device, but I've been happier ever since I came back to BB.
    07-11-10 02:17 AM
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    I can't speak to Android or Winmo, but I'm about to meet a guy this morning to swap back to 9700 from iphone 3gs. I'm tired of having to pay to get proper push email that doesn't even have send as capability!!!!(mobileme) and sketchy at that, poor battery life, now laggy os (upgraded to ios4), being able to send files from email (not having to buy an app to do it), invite clients to meetings from my device (mobileme doesn't do that),

    Plus, my wife has an 8520, so we will have the same chargers for car and home.

    I've been to each iphone and back to bb, and I think this might be my last trip. Looking forward to the 9800

    Also just noticed the new free bb wireless back up (apple charges for that!!!)
    07-12-10 10:19 AM