1. mad mat's Avatar
    Hello. Today I had fun in paint and I put screenshot from BB Q10 on BB 9360 screen. And then I made my own concept for os10 for older devices.
    Let's begin from home screen:
    My own concept for update os10 for os7.1-ufd5.jpg
    When we press the menu button we will see our apps:
    My own concept for update os10 for os7.1-zl2n.jpg
    Let's go to HUB. Press alt and swipe right like from frame in Q10:
    My own concept for update os10 for os7.1-o13j.jpg
    Now we see our apps running in multitasking. Ok, again press alt and swipe right:
    My own concept for update os10 for os7.1-hs3a.jpg
    My own concept for update os10 for os7.1-jy9u.jpg
    Ok, now let's see camera (I didn't changed interface because it is to show another gesture) and press alt and swipe up:
    My own concept for update os10 for os7.1-fgvw.jpg
    And we back to multitask view where we can close apps by long press trackpad on it or open by just press trackpad on app.
    I bet everyone know that transition animation when you unlock your Q10, Q5, Z10 or Z30, that could be too only for devces with touch screen:
    My own concept for update os10 for os7.1-l1ze.jpg
    Sorry for quality of pictures but it's only to show how it could look like. Some of you could say "hey, but i can close app by pressing escape button" no, you can't. On PlayBook you have one gesture for close app and other for go back and for that will be the escape button.
    Oh, I forget, you can of course switch between apps by pressing alt and swipe right or left or I have other concept for that:
    switching apps by volume up or down buttons. You could say "if I use music player and I want to switch for other app I get music louder or silence", no, there will be app wich will switch off using volume button while you using media player, when you stop using it, volume buttons will back switching apps like in PlayBook or BB10 devices.
    01-22-14 08:29 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    I quite like that idea, but most people want screen realestate nowadays. Need at least a q10 size with trackpad
    01-22-14 11:05 AM
  3. crackbb10's Avatar
    The idea is nice. Needs a lot more thinking about all the aspects of BlackBerry 10. But it would at least need a touch screen device.
    01-22-14 11:12 AM

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