1. locciola17's Avatar
    i had the worst dream!!
    i traded in my 8100 for the TREO!! and i was eating dinner somewhere and saw it sitting on the table by me. i was so confused about why i had the TREO and then realized that i had "upgraded" to the treo and it was my new phone instead of my beloved BB. i was sooo disappointed in what i had done and was gonna try to go back to ATT and tell them that i bought the wrong phone on accident and have then get me a curve instead!! ---i woke up shortly after...

    whew! good thing i didnt make that mistake in REAL life!!
    08-23-08 09:26 AM
  2. berrywhite's Avatar
    Lol! Mistake a Curve for a Treo?!?! Ouch... Talk about nightmare!! Lol! Even though the new Treo Pro looks interesting not a big WM guy.

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    08-23-08 09:29 AM