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    Today, my beloved 4-week-old 9780 took a spill, as a result of an unexpected forced bus transfer that required running across 4 lanes of traffic. I was able to keep my baby in-grip, and in pocket, across traffic (hurrah!) but alas, upon reaching the sidewalk it leapt from my pocket and began its descent to the ground. Clothed in its buttery soft leather holster. I picked it up and discovered the damage was minimal... Except for a few small nicks to the bezel.

    Of course, the small nicks appear to me to be huge gouges, and I immediately (as I am apparently extremely mentally unstable) began verbally assaulting my boyfriend (after all, this godforsaken cursed trip was HIS idea) and sobbing over the destruction of my now "ruined" BlackBerry.

    Needless to say the rest of the night sucked, too, and I may have calmed down, but now all I can do is stare at the little nicks on the upper left bezel and mourn the microscopic bits of plastic left on the sidewalk. Rest in piece, plastic bits. I hardly knew thee...

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    Well, the nice thing is, a new housing can be applied later, and you will be able to celebrate fresh and whole lots more. Thank goodness everyone was safe.

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    03-11-11 12:30 AM
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    Everyone was not safe! My BlackBerry has a booboo!

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    03-11-11 11:51 PM