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    I know that there has been speculation of various companies interested in RIM, but I must confess that none of them would offer anything spectacular. What I would like as a consumer is something that spans multi-platforms, something ground-breaking.

    How about a purchase by Sony (yes I know they have their own problems); but imagine a multi-platform system spanning communication/games/video/applications with cross platform support on phones/tablets/consoles/SmartTV/cloud. Could the combined benefits of Blackberry security, QNX and PSN offer something truly groundbreaking with a massive consumer database? BBM or video chat from your PS, phone, TV or Tablet (or car); watch/play on any connected device?

    I don't want lots of separate functions, I would love a truly integrated system.

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    07-03-12 07:14 AM
  2. simu31's Avatar
    Apparently PSN could do with Blackberry's security

    07-03-12 07:49 AM
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    The dream purchaser of Research In Motion is...ME! At least in my dreams or maybe they are nightmares.
    07-03-12 08:54 AM
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    Sony have more problems with vaporware than RIM. Out of the frying pan into the fire?
    07-03-12 08:55 AM
  5. undone's Avatar
    Amazon would be the ultimate fit.
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    07-03-12 08:59 AM
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    07-03-12 09:01 AM
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    RIM is taking BB10 to the embedded market. Ex. Existing QNX clientele such as military, medical, aerospace, transportation, automotive, industry and perhaps appliances, etc.

    RIM is sticking to the enterprise. So any potential buyer would be synergistically tied to enterprise given my examples above. Strategic partnerships with companies such as Amazon would be more likely IMHO to cater to the consumer.

    There is a potential multi billion dollar per year revenue stream in the embedded market with BB10. BB10 is a mobile computing platform that no one even has a clue of its reaches at this point.
    07-03-12 09:07 AM
  8. OzarkaTexile's Avatar
    Sony's only profitable division has been financial services. They are a consumer electronics failure.

    How does Sony make money? Life insurance! - SplatF

    Snark: might be a good match for RIM.
    07-03-12 09:08 AM
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    I agree with Undone... Amazon makes the most sense Since they have the missing media and consumer distribution channels that RIM needs so much. It would be trivial to port Kindle over to BB10/OS2 and RIM could extend Amazons cloud storage services. I'm concerned though that time is running out for a White Knight ... At the rate they are bleeding marketshare and high value customers, RIM's attractiveness is dwindling fast.
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    07-03-12 09:08 AM
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    Just curious as to why this landed in "Rehab"
    07-03-12 09:17 AM
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    Just curious as to why this landed in "Rehab"
    Well it's not news, but I suspect it's an effort to keep the forums from "death spiraling" with negative threads.
    07-03-12 09:29 AM