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    Here are a few pics I got when AmGen passed thru on Friday. About 30 minutes from the house in Solvang...

    Nothing AMAZNG, but I got some ok shots... Had a hard time getting to the rail to take pictures around and over people...

    02-22-09 08:11 PM
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    02-22-09 08:12 PM
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    02-22-09 08:13 PM
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    02-22-09 08:13 PM
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    02-22-09 08:14 PM
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    02-22-09 08:15 PM
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    Cool pics! Just started following Lance and Levi Liephiemer on Twitter.

    BTW, my 8900 opened them just fine, no wait.
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    02-22-09 10:59 PM
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    What camera did you use when you took these pictures?
    02-22-09 11:43 PM
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    What camera did you use when you took these pictures?
    a Nikon D80 that I just sold on eBay for a D90...

    GREAT camera if you can get one....
    02-23-09 01:22 AM
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    Not bad. If cycling is your thing. More power to you. I'm sure it's better to watch in person that it is if televised.
    02-23-09 07:28 AM
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    My favorite picture didn't make it...

    This is the bike that didn't get stolen !!!

    02-23-09 10:25 AM