1. justaims78's Avatar
    i had a major surgery last week and i'm laid up for a couple weeks... i've been through the entire seasons of sex in the city in the last two days and am looking for a good place to watch movies or tv shows online and new movie ideas?! any suggestions?
    03-01-09 09:44 AM
  2. anon(1789171)'s Avatar
    Hulu is great for video streaming, both movies and tv.
    03-01-09 09:54 AM
  3. xdan504x's Avatar
    Check out ovguide.com

    Pretty sweet...

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    03-01-09 01:30 PM
  4. justaims78's Avatar
    thanks! i appreciate the suggestions.. i'm gonna check them out now!
    03-01-09 02:43 PM
  5. dpsurf's Avatar
    ouch. feel better.
    03-01-09 02:46 PM
  6. justaims78's Avatar
    ouch. feel better.
    thank you
    03-01-09 03:28 PM