1. cjhonney's Avatar

    Came across this website "http://allmoviedownloads.net/" and while it looks legit enough I didn't want to go too far into it for the health of my PC.

    Anybody know anything about it? Used it? Stay away from it?

    I'm tech savy but not enough to read all the fine print to know whether ror not to stay out of something like that. I'm not even big on something like pirate bay.

    06-02-11 04:52 PM
  2. pixel8rberry's Avatar
    You wouldn't download a car...

    Netflix is only $8 a month and works on almost everything that is connected to the web. Even my phone! That is approx a quarter a day, A QUARTER!

    Be careful with these sites, unless you want FBI knocking on your door
    06-02-11 05:22 PM
  3. cjhonney's Avatar
    yeah I've got netflix too. Just looking for something to give me an instant watch option other than amazon.
    06-02-11 07:36 PM
  4. pixel8rberry's Avatar
    Wait, what? Netflix streaming is the instant watch option. You know, where you choose to watch the movie through your TV, PC, PS3, cell phone. That's what I was talking about.

    Granted, they might not have the new releases available as fast as Redbox, but I like their library of movies that you may not find in any DVD rental place.
    06-03-11 10:44 AM
  5. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Scam or pirate site. I wouldn't touch that with a 50 foot pole.
    06-05-11 01:33 AM
  6. v1rus2092's Avatar
    lol 50 foot pole haha
    06-05-11 03:50 PM
  7. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Lol. If anyone does want to sign up for that site, give me your credit card number and I'll sign you up so you don't run the risk of getting a virus just don't look at your credit card statements for a few months after that.

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    06-05-11 03:57 PM