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    Hey gang,
    There's a thread called "song of the day" which I love to partake.
    I thought it might be fun to have a "movie of the day".

    Each year, around the holidays, I watch a show called "The Ultimate Gift". It has a great story, and valuable lessons about what's really important ~ and what's not.

    The author, who is blind, wanted to send a message of the real "gift" in the form of a book turned movie.

    If you're interested, you can read the synopsis and see the trailor here:

    The Ultimate Gift Experience | MOVIE | DVD | BOOK

    The author, Jim Stoval, said this:

    "The Power of Deciding
    I believe and have often said that we are all one quality decision away from anything we want. A quality decision is a certain state of mind. It is not the process of deciding to try, attempt, or pursue something until it becomes difficult. A quality decision means that you have firmly set your course. You are no longer flexible on your mission; however, you may be flexible on your method...

    ...As you consider your goals and dreams, it is important to move them from the state of a wish to the state of a decision. A wish is something that would be nice if all the stars aligned, and it happened. For example, most people would agree that winning the lottery would be nice, if it happened. On the other hand, a decision is a firm state of resolve that closes the door marked ?What am I going to do?? and opens a new door marked ?How am I going to do it??

    If you will remain committed to your course and open to all possible ways to reach your goal, success is simply a matter of time.

    As you go through your day today, find a worthy goal or project and make a quality decision.

    Today's the day! "

    What's your favorite movie?
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    I have many but this one I love the chopper stunts.

    02-03-12 11:48 PM
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    That looks great!! Maybe hafta see it... That would be awesome to watch in 3D!

    Have you seen "the help"

    02-04-12 12:44 AM