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    Tonight we had to go help a friend care for her horse after he was mauled by a mountain lion. We sold her the horse two years ago. He was a good boy named Sonny -- a warm blood, a german holstiener(sp?). He was 12 and just coming into his own as a dressage horse. It turned out he had two severed tendons -- there are only two in a horse's hind leg. So it was hopeless and he had to be put down.

    For those who don't know, horses are like big old 1200 pound dogs. They all have unique personalities and can quickly become part of a family. Sonny was like that. He would sniff your pockets looking for cookies, and turn his whole head upside down begging for treats. We are going to miss him.

    For such big strong animals, horses are so delicate and fragile. If one little thing goes wrong or breaks, there isn't enough money in the world to put them back together again. Look at Barbaro, his hoof started to come apart and there was nothing they could do for him. All the best doctors in the world could not save him. Good-bye Sonny.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your horse. That's very sad. It's nice that you have such fun memories of him... Hang on to those. :-)

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    That is so terrible. I'm so sorry for you and for the horse.
    09-08-08 05:44 AM
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    Sorry to hear about that. Animals will be animals...both predator and prey. Was the mountain lion shot/attacked/caught? Horses are one of my favorite citizens of the animal kingdom...majestic and humble servants (sometimes exhibiting more of both those qualities than humans do).
    09-08-08 11:04 AM
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    Here's an update. The newspaper and TV news was out to do a story. Also, the Sheriff is doing an investigation. My wife took pictures of Sonny for his owner, our friend Donna, and the vet -- and the sheriff wants copies of them. I'll post a link to the stories when they're published. Turns out the cat was on a rampage. He (or she) went to the neighbors and killed a goat and wounded their ram -- guess he tried to protect his girls. This is unusual behavior for a big cat. They usually kill to eat and take their prey away and hide it for later. This one seems to be killing for sport -- and leaving carcasses behind. It is also rare for one to attack a horse. Sonny's injury was to his right hind leg -- just what he would have used to defend himself. If his aim had been better, this would be a different conversation.

    This happened in Elizabeth, Colorado. A small ranching community. There is a school bus stop right next to Sonny's pasture, so they are probably going to try to get the cat and relocate him. There is a concern he will become aggressive toward humans because he went into buildings next to a house to get the goats.

    EDIT: I guess KWGN Channel 2 Denver did a story this morning -- Here's a link to the story about Sonny and our friend Donna.

    Mountain lion attacks two horses

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    Here's a picture of Sonny with my wife and I.
    09-10-08 09:57 AM