1. Yamaha Racer's Avatar
    I see that this has already been covered once, but bear with me, I'm new to this forum and just trying to get my feet wet. Would love to meet any other motorcycle riders/racers/enthusiasts on the forum! I'm a total tech newbie aside from mechanical stuff involving motors but partake in amateur sportbike racing on the west coast. Ex-W.E.R.A. West racer, have done numerous races on tracks like Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Spring Mt. Motor Speedway, Miller Raceway, Streets of Willow, Laguna Seca and some other smaller tracks for testing and practice sessions. My street riding bike is a 2007 Yamaha R-1 fully modified. Akropovic full exhaust system, PC3, WoodCraft Race Rearsets, DynoJet Quickshifter, Pazzo Levers, Ohlins Suspension, Ohlins Steering Dampener, TC 3 Clip Ons, Vortex sprocket set-up, full frame sliders w/ clutch slider, Puig double bubble screen and uhhhh....more stuff but I literally cant remember them all. Dyno tuned and turns 165hp to the rear tire. My track bike is a 2006 Kawasaki 636 fully modified...too many mods to list but it's fully track prepped. Im embarrassed to say I don't even know how to post pics but once I figure it out I'll do so! With that being said, any other bikers out there? What do you ride? Do you do any track racing and if not but would like to I could gladly give you some information to get you out there!
    06-28-11 04:03 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Hmm, well... I'm a tricyclist (yes, by that, I mean I own a tricycle), it doesn't have a motor, but it handles like a really small down-sized car. If it was newer, it would be strong enough to support a motor, but since being 40 years old, not at all. But I have to say, we're cyclists regardless, motored or peddle powered.
    06-29-11 06:23 AM