02-27-10 01:08 PM
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    11-04-09 03:23 AM
  2. stephen0893's Avatar
    my largest one was 4000$ for going away for a month
    02-27-10 12:20 PM
  3. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    Does my sister-in-law count? Wasn't on her cell bill either, but one of those bundle packs through Time Warner. It was Internet, cable and landline and was supposed to be 125 a month deal and her first month payment due was 1400 smacks, lol! It was mostly due to anything outside of area was coming in long distance, which almost all of it was. To give an example, I live half hour away from her and we were considered long distance. So her bill hiked up there pretty fast! She fought and fought with CS and they gave her a deal if she paid 500 dollars they would call it even.....She ended up dropping them all together and now her credit is taking a nose dive because of it. Basically it could happen to any of us. I have the same exact setup and pay 170 a month, which to me is crazy...yet I keep on keeping, lol!

    The most I have ever paid on my wireless bill would be now. 173 a month for 1500 minute plan, unlimited data on two phones and unlimited text on all. 4 lines all together, soon to be 5. Not to bad I suppose compared to some.
    02-27-10 01:08 PM
53 123