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    Hello guys. There have been numerous times people wonders my site hosted on which server provider and details etc.

    It is hosted on Cheap & Reliable Dedicated Server, Cloud, & VPS Hosting - servermania.com

    Here page from my game for you to test out most important thing latency. My game is hosted on USA


    My server was hosted on them for a long time now. You can see my paypal payment history to them

    My history : http://th03.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/...pg-d8at5lo.png

    What i like with them are :

    1 : Very fast support
    2 : Very good custom deals - yes good price extremely strong servers
    3 : Stability

    And they are pretty big company now. As they get bigger, their provided services also gets better.

    Here their dedicated servers : Cheap Dedicated Servers From $69, for Windows & Linux - servermania.com
    Here their vps servers : Get Dedicated Resources On Virtual Private Servers - servermania.com

    Well if you decide to hire a great server from them you can also use my referral

    12-22-14 04:49 PM

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