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    Hi everyone !!!
    Today am newbie here and i want to say that the property where my little mobile home sits is surrounded by barbed wire fencing (t-posts). Its only about 50 feet from the road to the trailer, and it is flat so the mover truck shouldnt have an issue pulling it out. But the previous owner wants the fences taken down and put back up exactly like they were, since that is the only way off the property. Will the mobile home mover do the fences, or do i have to?
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    11-07-12 09:39 PM
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    I suppose you could politely ask them, particularly if for any reason it's a problem for you to accomplish this. A couple of posts to dig up, dealing with the wire, having the tools required etc. would be a bit of a pain for these guys. I would let them know ahead of time, no one likes surprises. Who dealt with all that when you brought the trailer in?
    11-08-12 11:29 AM

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