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    A huge acknowledgement to the crew and passengers of US Air 1549 in their survival of the crash today. Miracles do exist!

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    01-15-09 03:55 PM
  2. paddygirl16's Avatar
    I second that. I am sure everyone on board will value life and the small things so much more.
    01-15-09 06:57 PM
  3. JRussett's Avatar
    I'm an air traffic controller who works in the actual facility that worked the usair flight out of lga...I know the man who was talking to the plane when the incident happened and I can honestly say that this was nothing short of a miracle. Superb piloting skills saved these people. If this had happened any earlier in the day (snow storms and horrible visibility) then it most likely ends in dissaster. Bravo Capt. Sully, well done...
    01-16-09 06:45 AM
  4. BergerKing's Avatar
    I concur. I first posted this yesterday within minutes of hearing of the incident, right after XM broke into the stream making the announcement.
    I am glad that this went so well for passengers and crew. I am also happy to say that albeit a news story, we won't have to endure a couple weeks of media feeding frenzy, making ratings on a huge loss of life. From what I heard, it was evident that this was a shining example of courage and grace under fire for all.
    BZ also to the people who effected a speedy rescue and brought these folks to safety!

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    01-16-09 07:17 AM
  5. Hi-Definition's Avatar
    It's amazing how a flock of geese (technically the number; and the actual existence of them in regards to this incident is TBD according to the news this morning)...can inflict such a failure within a plane carrying hundreds of people.

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    01-16-09 11:05 AM
  6. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    I don't Know Much About Planes Besides that They Take me to Cool Fun Places, But Why Can't They Just Put a Wire Mesh, Or Screen over the Engines to Prevent anything From Going In?

    Or is it because the plane is just moving to fast and the Mesh Wouldn't Hold up?
    01-16-09 11:34 AM
  7. Hi-Definition's Avatar
    I'm sure this plane with its Kamikazi geese incident...and the geese winning the fight with their lives...hasn't been the first in aviation accidents. So I'm sure engineers have thought of a similar idea...an idea that myself/you/a lot of people think makes sense.

    I don't know for sure; but perhaps putting some sort of mesh/filtering cover over the engines would disrupt the intended in-flow to the engines as random and not so-random things get collected on the outside of the mesh covering during flight. Then again; I don't know...merely an assumption. They should take yesterday's incident as a fresh one; and think of some type of protective measure.

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    01-16-09 11:43 AM
  8. BergerKing's Avatar
    Imagine you're doing 145 mph on the highway and someone drops a bowling ball off a bridge! The compressor blades of a modern jet engine are often made of a ceramic composite, in several stages, all working to squeeze air into the combustion chamber to be ignited. Throw that 10+lb bird in and it goes to pot pretty fast!

    When I worked on flight decks, we had to walk the deck looking for even the smallest items that could get sucked into an engine and ruin it, our lives depended on it!

    Now we are hearing a lot more about the increasing frequency of birdstrikes. Any guesses why?

    The populations of large birds has risen sharply in recent years, primarily due to protections placed on them. More birds-more potential accidents.

    Screens over the engines not feasible, jets need maximum smooth airflow to operate, and if a bird can FOD an engine, it'll wreck any screen you could make. Food for thougt.

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    01-16-09 02:41 PM
  9. JRussett's Avatar
    just another peice of info for you as well...most commerical aviation engines used on these large airplanes are designed to withstand an intake of a large bird or several birds. there are videos on youtube taped during the development of the engines for the boeing 777 where they toss chickens (bought in the store) directly into the intake - no issues. flt 1549 more than likely ingested a very large number of birds from this flock in order to cause both engines to malfunction in the way they did.
    01-19-09 09:10 AM