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    A few people have mentioned they play Minecraft, so I

    thought I'd make a thread for us to share our

    activities in the game. Since Minecraft is fueled by

    creativity, pictures and screenshots of creations are

    highly encouraged! Any creation is worthy of a post,

    whether spectacular or mundane. That said, pictures of

    simple creations are encouraged! Things like

    streetlight designs, benches, and chandeliers may seem

    mundane to some, but spectacular to others.

    A few quick things to keep in mind when posting images:
    When posting pictures, please use the [largeimg] tag

    for images that are bigger than 500px in length or

    If possible, keep images under 1000px in length or

    width for ease of viewing.
    If you need a place to upload your images, consider

    using imgur (use the "Direct Link" URL).
    Be sure to clarify if your creation was built in

    Survival or Creation mode.

    Any server IPs open to the forum will be listed in the


    This post will be updated periodically.
    08-20-12 09:09 PM