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    Tuition Assistance gives military service members $4,500 per fiscal year to go to college. This covers about six college classes. Read more below. I need at least 100,000 signatures so we need to get this thing rolling. Help out if you can please.

    Not use educational benefits from the United States Armed Forces, I.E. Tuition Assistance, as a part of the budget cuts.
    On March 8th 2013 the United States Army suspended it's Tuition Assitance program due to budget cuts. This happened without warning and is effecting over 200,000 Soldiers according to the Army Times. The Army isn't the only branch feeling the educational squeeze, others have or will be following suit. Education benefits for our service members should not be on the table. Please pass this petition on to fellow service members so our voices can be heard!

    03-08-13 05:26 PM
  2. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Canadian so no go here but good luck...wish you well.
    03-08-13 05:27 PM

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