03-27-08 05:49 AM
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  1. ktgould's Avatar
    Have you ever interrupted a meeting because the Blinking Eye of your HAL 9000 (aka blackberry) was telling you that you had a message, and you absolutely couldn't wait to check it?
    03-25-08 06:16 AM
  2. Adlen's Avatar
    hal737 interrupted me at school once...
    03-25-08 10:25 AM
  3. uncheels23's Avatar
    **** ya all the time
    03-25-08 10:28 AM
  4. raylol16's Avatar
    Yup all the time I do it even in the middle of testing. If my BB goes off I need to check it!
    03-25-08 10:30 AM
  5. hal737's Avatar
    hal737 interrupted me at school once...
    i thought you were too cool for school...sorry, i'll never do it again
    03-25-08 10:35 AM
  6. Adlen's Avatar
    I'd rather be talking to you than be in school. And I am too cool, I just turn up like the Fonz. I just had to throw it in with the mention of Hal-9000...
    03-25-08 10:46 AM
  7. hal737's Avatar
    heyyy the Fonz! I love the Fonz...

    whats a hal-9000 anyways??
    03-25-08 10:51 AM
  8. chaz_cb's Avatar
    The computer in 2001: a space odyssey
    03-25-08 10:53 AM
  9. hal737's Avatar
    03-25-08 10:55 AM
  10. raylol16's Avatar
    LOL @ the confusion
    03-25-08 10:56 AM
  11. hal737's Avatar
    are you making fun of me...

    i feel soo.....blonde right now.
    03-25-08 10:58 AM
  12. chaz_cb's Avatar
    I don't think it's a blonde thing, it's young thing..lol
    03-25-08 10:58 AM
  13. hal737's Avatar
    well... that at least makes me feel a little better...

    but Adlen is younger than me and he knew about it...

    oh well...
    03-25-08 11:00 AM
  14. raylol16's Avatar
    are you making fun of me...

    i feel soo.....blonde right now.
    lol im just messing with ya but you love birds need to get a room..oh spring is in the air!
    03-25-08 11:00 AM
  15. Adlen's Avatar
    Have you ever seen a Simpsons episode where they get a computer-house thing with the voice of Pierce Brosnan? The idea is based on Hal.

    03-25-08 11:00 AM
  16. Adlen's Avatar
    I am younger but I don't have much of a life lol.
    03-25-08 11:01 AM
  17. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Okay, so it's a young, non-sci-fi-movie-watching thing.
    03-25-08 11:02 AM
  18. hal737's Avatar
    i dont watch the Simpsons...or at least i havent in a few years...

    lets just pretend i never asked.
    03-25-08 11:03 AM
  19. Adlen's Avatar
    Yep. Or a blonde thing.
    03-25-08 11:03 AM
  20. Adlen's Avatar
    I haven't seen it in about 4 years lol. Too childish. My hat makes me look older.
    03-25-08 11:04 AM
  21. raylol16's Avatar
    The Simpsons haven't been very good since the late 90's but a show can only go on for so long before running out of ideas.
    03-25-08 11:06 AM
  22. mzshey2x's Avatar
    mmm i love the simpsons it was better back then but i love em still the same..

    i have a model of their car w/ fully working interior & a bunch of figurines of the family!
    03-25-08 11:14 AM
  23. Adlen's Avatar
    @Shey - Seriously?
    03-25-08 11:18 AM
  24. raylol16's Avatar
    This thread has been Workingus Interruptus
    03-25-08 11:26 AM
  25. Adlen's Avatar
    Lol @ Raylol. CB is always Schoolus Interruptus.
    03-25-08 11:32 AM
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