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    Refer to our society is going downhill, these are the things I was talking about

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    I thought that was about Girly Men?
    10-03-08 01:33 PM
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    It spiraled down to that

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    10-03-08 01:41 PM
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    Actually, depending on your location, at least with the CPR thing as long as you're certified in it, the so-called "good samaratin" law should shield you from any liability.

    You might want to check your local laws with regard to the legal protection you get when you step in to defend yourself or others. Many places you are allowed to step in and defend a third party as long as that individual would be justified in doing so him/herself. Anyhow, that's why it is a good idea to have an umbrella insurance policy, to protect you from liability of all kinds including idiots suing you.

    Its also not a bad idea to make sure you have some situational awareness. Look at the people around you, see if what they're doing is odd or out of place. Good idea everywhere though. Don't just zone out or get too absorbed in what you're doing. Might not have helped the girl in the article, but it could help any one of us in a similar or different situation.

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    If I were at mcdonalds and some huge dude that looked angry cut in front of me I would just wait...she thought since she was a woman she could mouth off...I'm not justifying what he did, but it seems like women only want equal rights when it benefits them...

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    VINNAY man you are so right! Dont get me wrong what this dude was horrible!!!But in general you do make a good point
    I did find this picture pretty funny though...

    omfg i almost died laughing
    10-03-08 05:20 PM
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