1. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Holy Smokes.

    So Iron Man is dropping and The Hulk 2.0 is dropping. But here are some interesting rumors/slightly verified facts:

    *Tony Stark (Robert Downey JR>) makes a cameo in the Hulk Movie.

    *Samuel Jackson is rumored to be coming up soon as the choice for Nick Fury. Shoot, when I was a kid, Nick Fury looked like Mr. Fantastic with a cigar. I don't know when the fool suddenly turned black. But apparently it has been for a little bit.

    And this is all groundfloor work to set up THE AVENGERS.

    I find it interesting. I don't know how they are going to do the Avengers, because some of those heroes really, really suck. Others, like Captain America, need to be re-worked HARDCORE.

    Anyone know anything else?
    04-25-08 01:48 PM
  2. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    nope no info for ya im jus waitin for iron man to come out im a fan of the marvel movies there all good. cause i use to watch the cartoons and stuff and xmen especially they need another xmen
    04-25-08 01:51 PM
  3. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Holy Smokes, my co-worker just told me Jackson IS Nick Fury in the new Iron Man movie. If you look at Nick Fury in the Avengers ULTIMATES series, it is obvious that they were thinking Jackson...check it out:

    04-25-08 01:59 PM
  4. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    yeaa that hella looks like a samuel l jackson
    04-25-08 02:06 PM