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    First things first...admins/mods, remove this if it's not acceptable to post this but...I'm trying to do a bit of advertising for them, as they're a charity fundraiser that I try to help out with.

    What it is:

    The Mario Marathon is an annual fundraiser for the Child's Play Charity. All funds are donated directly to Child's Play, and they take no donations for their time/costs/etc.

    What they do:

    The team of players get together every year and host the Mario Marathon (this is their 5th year), they've also been considered a Platinum Sponsor for the last 3 years, and in the last 4 years, have raised $235,606 for Child's Play Charity. They go in and decide in advance how many games they have available, and then they break the games up into a number of levels/goals, they have an algorithm that they apply that sets the prices for each level, and as donation level increases, the levels/goals are paid off. They play until they outrun the levels/goals being paid off.

    About The Charity:
    Child's Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. Over the years, you as a community have answered the call and come together to raise millions of dollars that's been around since 2003.

    Childs Play works in two ways. With the help of hospital staff, we set up gift wish lists full of video games, toys, books, and other fun stuff for kids. By clicking on a hospital location on our map, you can view that hospitals wish list and send a gift.

    Childs Play also receives cash donations throughout the year. With those cash donations, we purchase new consoles, peripherals, games, and more for hospitals and therapy facilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, friends, and family, and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience.

    What I'm Asking:
    I don't want you to do anything at all for me, just for the children. If you can afford a small donation, go throw them a few dollars, but, most importantly, spread the word. The best way to get donations for the children is to get the word out. Post it on twitter, on google+, on facebook, and on anything else that you have access to. Spread the word to as many people as you can, and the donations will come naturally.

    Thanks for your time, consideration, and attention.

    Derek M. Hyde (dhyde79)
    06-22-12 03:06 PM