04-13-14 08:56 AM
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    So now Manny has "won" 2 fights with Bradley. No rematch needed. Although this one was closer than the first one, the fact is that manny now has beat him twice (unofficially, but in the eyes of many).....bring on the next opponent!!!!
    Juan Manuel Mrquez 5 or the winner of mayweather vs maidana

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    04-13-14 08:35 AM
  2. Roweazie's Avatar
    ....and that, she has the audacity to hug bradley after the fight....lol....

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    We were laughing when we saw that moment. I think Bradley knew she was doing the voodoo hex on him lmfao.

    It was uncalled for. Disgusting attitude.

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    04-13-14 08:56 AM
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