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    I love Mangoes. I love Mangoes. I love Mangoes.

    This has got to be one of my most favourite fruit in the whole wide world. Just thinking about them just does something to me...They are so delicious. With over 1,000 different varieties in the World this Tropical Fruit just does it for me.

    A few years ago, I ventured into Harrods Food Hall on a Saturday..Oh my this place just excites the foodie in me. Well I am admiring the bright, beautiful and luscious looking fruit in the Hall and my eyes fall upon these Mangoes. I stood there in Gourmet reverence admiring these jewels of a fruit trying to imagine what they must taste like. A big ole smile comes on my face. I picked up Two, I mean I just had to try them. By the way they were from Israel. Yeah Yeah they were Three pounds but I was on vacation and this had to be.

    So I get back to my Hotel and I prepare for this experience that I just know that is going to titillate my palate. I put on my bib..hey these things can be messy.. I peel away a bit of the skin and my mouth makes contact and this juice flows and the taste was well I guess the word I could use was Rapturous. Oh my what a pleasure to bask in this fruit and to behold such a moment. It was messy but the enjoyment went beyond words.

    High Life - The On Board Magazine from British Airways records a story a few years about a Man and his love of Mangoes. It was said that this wealthy gentleman was so in love with one of the specific varieties of a mango sold at Harrods. This particular variety was one of the best and did require some particular care. It was said that one of the Harrods Vans would make it's way Mon - Friday with a single Mango as it's only delivery to this gentleman. The mango would be in a box with some straw if my memory serves me correctly.

    Now for any of you in the New York City area here is a link for where you can pick up the Alphonso Variety of Mango-considered to be the best in the world. When I make my way there in July..tracks will be made to try this mango out.

    Indian Mangoes Are Back! - Grub Street - New York Magazine

    Don't miss this experience.


    07-07-08 11:47 AM
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    i also love mangoes. good story.
    07-07-08 01:37 PM
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    Great story otto lol. I am a lover of mangoes also mainly the celon grafted & paul over. I can't wait to go back home next mth to feast on a few lol
    07-07-08 03:22 PM
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    i like mangoes also
    07-07-08 03:26 PM