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    Just using some space here to vent for a sec and maybe hear an alternate opinion, the most honest is I need psychiatric help I know.

    I am making myself crazy over the idea of my primary device. I have been behind BlackBerry for a long time, and I'm talking living and breathing BlackBerry. I have a sincere emotional attachment to the brand and product as it has so very positively impacted my life upon it's discovery and up to now, every BB I've owned has been a third appendage and my best friend. I rely on my device for d*mn near everything relevent to my adult life and treat it as my primary computer in all that I do.

    My goofy little mind screw is that when BB was supposed to be up for sale and was claiming they were sure to be sold off by November, I felt there was no choice. I was due an upgrade and ended up for a handful of reasons choosing to try Windows Phone as I won't go for Google or Apple. I was crushed by the way, very sad about BlackBerry. But all that aside, a seed was planted more or less. I am somewhat an MS fan, but WP and it's aesthetics very much appeals to my taste and I enjoy using it, except of course for the virtual keyboard, I'm not a fan of virtual keyboards period.

    Anyhow, there are now plenty of things I enjoy and genuinely appreciate about Windows Phone, but when BlackBerry turned around and did not go out of business, I was overjoyed and so glad to be home. As of lately, WP has been nagging at me. I have found myself switching between my BB and my WP every so often for a few days at a time. It's actually making me crazy, I will use WP for a few days, then miss my BB (loyalty, personal history, keyboard, interface, etc) and miss it all so much I want nothing more than to "come home." Then a week rolls by and I sort of miss those tiles and the general user interface and swap back knowing I can just do that anytime I want to.

    I am far more loyal to BlackBerry the company and the product than I am to MS, it's just how I feel. Sometimes I find myself trying to convince myself to jump ship, give in and get cozy on a permanent basis with WP, but in the end I always come back. This jumping back and forth is making me miserable, why the h*ll can't I make a decision and stick with it? This goofy cycle apparently isn't going to end soon.
    03-28-14 03:57 PM
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    Use both as your personal phones, I'd use one just for data such as browsing, and the other for calls, taking photos etc... I know how hard brand loyalty can be but eventually you grow out of it and consider nothing but logical practicality. If you want to get creative then stick both phones together, either side to side like a phablet or back to back like a flip phone. Just remember to cut out a whole for the camera. BTW, There is nothing wrong with loosing your brand loyalty . I felt the same way about HTC, then I came to my senses and noticed I was being illogical. Perhaps just take out the phone you feel like using for the day and use the next phone the day after. Why not have the best of both worlds?...just my 2 cents... Hope it helped?

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    03-28-14 04:11 PM
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    Firstly, I simply appreciate the sympathetic ear Thanks.

    I do presently use both, it is annoying having to re-do my checkbook register and move around my word docs and etc during the switch.

    I don't know, it's laughable that I just can't seem to give up my brand loyalty. I'm happy with both so I don't feel I'm necessarily losing anything in terms of needs/purpose, but still. I'm not the first or last to go thru platform addictions at least
    03-28-14 04:20 PM
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    Two years ago, I was in a box. BlackBerry, or baseball. Namely, the AtBat app so that I can listen to my games. Back and forth and forth and back. It was making me bonkers.

    OK, so I began researching, playing, questioning. Weeks went by as I missed preseason games.

    Finally, as the last week approached. Still no word if BB would be supported. So, I made a decision. Bought a Motorola Photon and bought my apps, and dedicated my efforts to learning how to deal with a virtual keyboard.

    A couple days later, MLB decided to support BB, after all. But I was now locked in, and no turning back.

    I've never lost my love of what BlackBerry did for me, and for what they leave in your heart. If they had a good option, I'd have one right now.

    I also run my life out of my smartphone. It's my line to family, friends, entertainment, and a lesser degree, work.

    Today, our oldest boy sends in his resum, I proofread, edited, and returned it to him in minutes, from someplace out in the boonies. Video chatted with my wife on her lunch break. Shared an interesting app with other family members.

    And wrote some note for a book I'm working on.

    Tonight, when I reach my destination, I'll fire up Netflix, and watch a movie while I surf the Web, and interact here with my fellow CB, WPC, and iMore friends. Maybe share some funny stuff, tell a joke or two.

    We love our phones, and remember, you're not married to it, so it's good if you can play this field.
    03-29-14 05:15 PM
  5. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    Fair enough

    Just want to say; good luck with the book. Pursue that. Definitely. It feels great. Would you divulge anything on what it's about?

    I actually wrote and published a book myself and did the whole thing on my Bold 9650 back when she was my daily driver, and then used OpenOffice to adjust the formatting for my page numbers to be displayed correctly.

    My view is this; you don't do it for the sake of selling a book, nor do you approach it with the notion of impacting anybody or any particular subject, to me it should be purely selfish You put effort into a project like that and at the end of it, you know even if not one other person ever saw it, that you look at your copy of the finished, printed, published product and simply have to smile. It's enjoyable.
    03-29-14 07:28 PM
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    here's what I do: I use my BB10 device as my daily driver and have other devices to get my fix... if you're torn between two phones but still want your WP fix, perhaps an inexpensive Windows RT device could be a way for you to enjoy the WP experience but without the conflict of it being a phone... tether it to your BB FOR on-the-go connectivity and see if that reduces the "daily driver" anxiety.

    If BB10 was on a tablet I could suggest the reverse (WP handheld, BB10 tablet) but that's not how the world works (yet :-) )

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    03-30-14 02:21 PM
  7. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    You are so spot on. The enjoyment I have from the interface that so many seem to be disliking could probably be met with a Surface huh? A little tethering of the two would be pretty awesome
    03-30-14 04:35 PM
  8. RyanGermann's Avatar
    The Windows 8 RT and full Windows 8 "live tiles" experience is a bit different than the Windows Phone UI, but I think the Window 8 RT UI is flexible enough to be tuned to be quite a bit more like Windows Phone... and there is speculation that Windows Phone / Windows RT are going to be "merged" in some fashion (even if it's just API parity, so apps will run on both platforms, but there might still need to be two separate "OS" platforms...

    First Signs of Windows RT and Windows Phone Merger Appears in WP 8.1 SDK | Windows RT Source
    03-31-14 12:31 AM

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