09-23-10 01:21 PM
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    Do you know those big aluminum jars that Danish cookies come in? How 'bout once
    when I was 12 or so I was embarrassing my mom in front of some people and she
    hit me right on the head with the lid and instead of it hurting me, it just bent the lid
    that she couldn't fix it to fit back on the jar
    09-23-10 12:45 PM
  2. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    Thats why a wet leather belt is the best course of action. Followed shortly by wooden spoons, then wire coat hangers, followed by keys, followed by any heavy object nearby.

    The reasoning is never to hurt your own hand while disciplining yer brat.

    It's not abuse, if you do it good enough the first time, and they know you mean business afterwards.

    I swear, I only needed one or two super good smacks with a belt, or wooden spoon, to realize I needed to behave.

    When I was too small for a belt or wooden spoon, my mom used a fly swatter.

    She had one in her car and EVERYTHING.

    All she had to do was mention "mata mosca" and I'd stop, drop, and roll in a heart beat.
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  3. highjakker's Avatar
    when i was about 9 i told me dad, or rather tried to rell my dad to shut up...i don't think i finished "up" before he smacked me across my mouth. til the day he died i always said "yes sir".
    09-23-10 01:21 PM
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