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    I'm using BlackBerry DTEK60 and use Syncthing to backup certain files on my Android phone to Windows laptop. I have SyncTrazor on Windows & Syncthing by Felix Ableitner on Android. I noticed that Syncthing uses the internet & syncs using mobile data on my phone to my internet connected laptop. But what I want it to do is that, whenever I connect my phone to my laptop via mobile wifi hotspot (So that I can use internet on my laptop), Syncthing uses the hotspot connection only to transfer files to my laptop instead of mobile data that would cost me money. Selecting ‘Sync only on WiFi’ on my Android phone completely blocks Syncthing from running when mobile data is On. I want it to detect if hotspot is On & send data only using that link. Is this possible or can this be added as a feature? Thanks.
    12-29-17 05:46 AM

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