10-24-17 06:34 AM
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  1. johnb_xp's Avatar
    Dual booting Win10 and Linux Mint Cinnamon on my laptop. Mint runs great, looks great, and loads of compatible programs. Waaaay better performance than Windows 10 but gotta keep it installed for TurboTax and work related Windows only programs. Would use wine but stability is key. Mint is easy for Windows users, even outdid Microsoft with the start menu imo! On my main rig I'm runnin Win10 because gaming on Linux isn't the best experience.
    10-23-17 11:57 PM
  2. Don Juan Sanchez's Avatar
    I've been a Linux user since around 2003 with icepack Linux 1.0, since then I have tried to a mayor or minor degree about every Linux distro out there, the last 3 or 4 years I was a happy Ubuntu user but Ubuntu got IMHO too bulky and commercial.
    Now I'm dualbootin Win10 and Manjaro Linux and I think I have finally found nirvana
    10-24-17 12:38 AM
  3. Doug_M's Avatar
    I started with FreeBSD in 1994. I remember downloading install disk images over 14.4 baud dial-up. About a year later a friend turned me on to RedHat. It had promise but at the time FreeBSD was way ahead. RedHat caught up quickly. Since then I have tried a wide variety of distros. Linux is like beer in the sense that there are many "regular" distros that are all essentially the same and are main stream. Then there are a myriad of "craft beer" distros as well as some high quality popular distros.

    While I will always have a nostalgic soft spot for FreeBSD, I found myself gravitating to Debian and Debian-based distros mostly. For servers I used to prefer Debian, but with the rapid pace of web technology (specfically server-side languages) I find myself usually using an Ubuntu distro over Debian.

    For desktops I've been using Linux Mint Cinammon. If I recall, it was a change I made from Ubuntu after the Unity fiasco. For both desktop and server I prefer Debian-based systems as I prefer apt over yum (or any other package management system). It is just personal preference and is largely based on what I'm comfortable with.

    Linux is so configurable and customizable that it can be overwhelming. I believe that has also led to it not being a success on the desktop. Many who've tried it tried distro X with desktop Y and decided it wasn't for them. They didn't know there was distro ABC to try or desktop Z. Or if they did it was often too dificult to install a different desktop or customize the one they had. Of course this gave rise to Ubuntu. But then we got Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc and then after that Linux Mint (based off Ubuntu, based off Debian) or other "simplified" distros. It's all good, variety is the spice of life. But infinite choice doesn't translate into mass adoption. Its too late for Linux in that regard (on the desktop specifically). Desktop PC sales are declining and will continue to do so. But no worries, your fridge will run Linux as will your toaster!

    TL;DR Linux Mint for the win!
    10-24-17 06:34 AM
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