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    Another thing to remember is to always go to church on Sunday. That will be about the only time no one will be yelling at you. If you stay at the dorm, you'll be doing clean-up, so go to church for peace and quiet -- even if you're not religious.
    This is excellent advice. The only thing I'll add is that you should go to the protestant services, even if you're a devout catholic. Why? It's actually fun. Imagine that, fun at BMT.

    Get used to saying Sir, Yes Sir!
    Actually, don't ever say that. Sorry Mike, a lot has changed since the '70s.

    Instead practice your reporting statement, which goes a little something like this:

    "Sergeant Meanie, Airman Snoopy reports as ordered."

    You'll be saying that A LOT.
    07-16-08 07:27 PM
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    Yeah we have a thing we had to learn in the DEP program it goes something similar as well:
    "Sir, trainee (last name) reports as ordered."

    Its simple and easy to remember. We had drill a couple weeks ago, it was like being in BMT with the drill instructors and what not. It wasn't too bad but I'm sure its going to be 1000x worse at BMT.
    We were originally supposed to play softball BUT they only said that to get us to where we were meeting at.

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    07-17-08 01:00 PM
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