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    OCMD figured it out this year, and banned the damn things.

    now hopefully OCNJ will follow suit-

    Ocean City Police Issue Laser Pointer Warning - Cape May County Herald

    funny how nobody initially realized that it might be a bad idea to let merchants sell kids laser pointers in an environment where there are benches full of kids and thousands upon thousands of people walking by every single night, with boats and planes all over the place. i went up there once this year, and they were everywhere. of course the kids don't know you are supposed to shine them on breasts, butts and other areas that need highlighting. not f'n EYES.

    as soon as i walked up onto the boardwalk, some teenage girl shined one right in my eye. i tore her a new one, and contemplated kidnapping her on the spot...but i refrained because i was up there to eat one thing and that wasn't human tissue, it was ice cream.

    the green lasers, especially the crappy ones from china, are not monitored for consistent output like what you buy for your gun, or for your board room presentation. i can picture it now - some ***** kid shining a green laser on a baby while he/she is being pushed down the boardwalk, meanwhile the kids eyes are getting burned up and nobody knows the better until he takes his first vision tests and sees quadruple, or nothing at all.
    08-17-10 01:10 PM
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    I feel so bad for the people's eyes. Cops better catch 'em!

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    08-22-10 04:07 AM