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    Ok so recently ive realised that I want to review stuff for blackberry, give tutorials and generally help out and for iphone as well. ok so I started making lens on squidoo but that failed now ive made a blog but I hardly get any traffic. I was wondering if yotttpu guys could give me some tips on how to get more people to read my blog or if anyone needs a tutorial or help on anything including blackberry, iphone. thanks for your input my blog is at,
    My Blackberry and Iphone blog this aint even a good name
    And btw im 15, so im doing this partially for revenue.
    Thanks again
    05-07-11 03:52 AM
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    Hmmm. How to increase traffic on your blog ... I'm on wap so I can't see if you already have it, but a good way might be to post here and put a link to your blog in your signature (so long as the rules allow it). I have a small message board (~20 active members), and I don't mind if the members promote their own blogs, boards, whatever, but I don't allow advertising or political endorsement (unless first approved by me). If I found out that a member's promotion or link leads to something offensive, I would disallow it. For example, if I was an admin here, I would allow you to promote your blog here. But this is a BlackBerry site, and if I found out later that your blog was simply a praise iphone/trash BlackBerry site, I would disallow promoting it here. So, you would have to check in the rules and/or with CB's admin. As for making money, I don't know how people do it. I would venture to say that the vast majority of enthusiasts in any field do it for the love of it. My message board is for poetry. There's no money in poetry; the board doesn't make me money, it costs me money. But I do it for the love of it, and the participants are there for the same reason. There's one other thing in building a quality site: maintain a level of professionalism. Add some value, if you can. In my case, my board has an unparalleled reference section that one of my key members has built, again, not for money, for the love of it. I hope this helps and good luck.

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    05-07-11 07:20 AM
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    Thanks for the input but I don't jnow what you mean about the professionalism bit. And how do I edit my signature on CB. Thanks

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    05-07-11 10:09 AM
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    Re professionalism, I just meant keep the writing up to certain standards. Don't use profanity or internet shorthand (stuff like "c u later"), and avoid typos, etc. when adding your content. As for the signature, the feature is usually right in your user control panel, but you might have to do it from your computer as opposed to from the mobile.

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    05-07-11 10:15 AM
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    Like Tonis said, and turn on spell check for G*d sake.

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    05-07-11 11:06 AM
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    Lool I will. Thanks

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    05-07-11 12:15 PM